Sunday, June 17, 2007


“Anything is fair when fighting with LTTE Tamil Terrorists”
- Defence Secretary

The Defence Secretary has explained to the international community Tuesday, saying that Sri Lanka was being mistreated by Western states over human rights. “We have to defend ourselves with world ruthless Terrorists group, LTTE Tamil Terrorists. He said that therefore “anything is fair when fighting with LTTE Terrorists”. He further told that Reuters, the BBC, AFP, Al Jazeera etc. and some staffs of United Nations agencies had been infiltrated, misled and bribed by the Tamil Terrorists over the past 30 years.

He dismissed criticism by international human rights groups that Sri Lankan security forces are engaged in human rights abuses, including killings and abductions of civilians by saying that “We have to defend ourselves as what US and British army doing in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of covert operations. When something is done by us in Sri Lanka, all these groups called it as abductions,” he added. “This is playing with the words.”