Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paving way for Tamil Eelam....

In mathematics we speak of necessary and sufficient conditions but with Tamil Eelam we have just two conditions any one of which will guarantee Tamil Eelam. One is LTTE military victory over the government forces which now is impossible though Ranil Wickramasighe has been saying all along that "this war is un-winnable" meaning that we should surrender. He will awake from his dreams very soon. The other is devolution in any shape or form however innocuous.
This latter condition for Tamil Eelam is a possibility if Mahinda Rajapaksa decides on the slightest form of devolution which will even in an extremely small way dent the existing unitary character of the country. It is that minute denting that the infamous "International Community" is waiting for to recognize any declaration of independence by any area where the Tamils are in a majority. Please remember that all the Tamil political parties have the letter E which stands for one thing and one thing only, namely Tamil Eelam the carving up of our country that has been a unitary state from the beginning of our history except for brief periods of occupation by enemy forces.

Where the Muslims are in a majority they will likewise declare independence which the International Community will accept with the greatest of extreme sadistic pleasure. To that end the Muslims have been colonizing the Buddhist Deegavapi lands ever since CBK was put into power by a stupid electorate. They are continuing to do so under this government as well.
Over and above all these considerations the JVP has issued a threat that if there is going to be any devolution they will put the government out of office which means another general election. Mahinda Rajapaksa may with full justification think that all the work he has done that will benefit the poor would secure him their votes at a new general election held so soon.

That is where the danger is for all of us. From the day Mahinda came into power the MTV and Sirasa have both brainwashed the rural masses against his government everyday and the government has never taken any steps through government channels to correct the image projected by the MTV and Sirisa.. If all the Sinhala Buddhists saw Ranil Wickramasinghe as an enemy then he should not have got any more than 25 percent of votes at the last Presidential Elections. But he got 47 percent. Apart from everything else common sense tells us that it is too risky to go for another election so early in Rajapaksa's term of office.