Saturday, May 5, 2007

UK accused of 'neo colonialism'


UK accused of 'neo colonialism

SLPM leaders accused UK of undermining Sri Lanka's sovereignty
Sinhala nationalists in Sri Lanka have accused Great Britain of engaging in 'neo colonialism'.
Sri Lanka Patriotic Movement (SLPM) said the British government is a threat to Sri Lanka's sovereignty.
A group of British MPs formed an All Party Committee in an attempt to help Sri Lanka to find a solution to the national question.

Parliamentarian Keith Vaz, a former deputy minister of foreign Affairs, said the group's aim is to organise a peace summit in London.

National question 'British creation'

Prof. Nalin de Silva, a leader of the SLPM, said Sri Lanka's national question, if there is any such problem, was created by the British imperialists centuries ago.
"Can Sri Lanka form a parliamentary group to focus on any of the United Kingdom's issues? What will happen then?" Prof. De Silva queried.
He accused Great Britain of trying to push for a solution preferred by the British authorities.
Prof. WM Karunadasa accused UK authorities of double standards.
British authorities who openly criticise Sri Lanka's human rights record failed to condemn the air attacks by the Tamil Tigers, according to Prof. Karunadasa.
"There is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka," he said.
Sri Lanka does not need aid that comes with conditions attached to intervene in internal affairs, the SLPM said.
Elle Gunawansa thero, leader of the SLPM, said the organisation is ready to fight against any form of 'neo colonialism'.