Sunday, January 6, 2008


Terrorism should be wiped out militarily - Defence Secretary
Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in a live interview telecast over Rupavahini, ITN and Swarnavahini last night said terrorism should be wiped out militarily, as it was clearly evident that the LTTE was never in search of a politically negotiated peaceful solution to the ethnic crisis.
The Defence Secretary said: "Despite the diverse interpretations of our successes and our failures, we are far more superior than the LTTE. This is what we had overlooked in the past and the battle was dragging on. However, we observe now that we have broken the spine of the LTTE.
We have seized much of their arms and ammunition and killed many of their cadres. They are being defeated even in the Vanni. As never in the past, we have chased after many LTTE floating weapons ships and completely destroyed them in the deep seas. We are convinced that the LTTE is now weakened."
"We should not pass this ethnic problem to the next generation," the Defence Secretary reiterated. He pointed out that the fully dedicated and committed war heroes should be given the correct leadership and their morale boosted.
The media, politicians or any organisation or individual should not seek to stifle the morale, concentration and dedication under any circumstances as it would certainly be a betrayal of one's Motherland if they do so.
It is not the weapons that matter but the man's psyche Although, I come from a political family which played a major role in the formation of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the entire period of my service in the Sri Lanka Army, I served in the North and the East as a soldier during the UNP regime.
"When one joins the Army and after his training no soldier will think in terms of any political allegiance but would have one aim, and that is to serve the Motherland. When the terrorism of Prabhakaran emerged and while the UNP was in power, I served my country and there was no petty mindedness to think otherwise."
"He said that the sheer dedication the soldiers show is difficult to understand and explain unless the person has the Army experience."
Those joining the Security Forces completely forget their kith and kin and all that matters in their personal life but fight the enemy to safeguard the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their Motherland.
He noted that the President from the date he assumed office, was all out for a 'honourable peace'. "But who re-started the war?, he asked. It was clear that the LTTE was on the war path, and we had to react and get our Armed Forces prepared. As otherwise around 40,000 of our soldiers would have been in great danger.
The President acted with foresight on the reports of the Service Chiefs and took appropriate action.
Although my brother was in the Opposition at the time, he encouraged me to serve the country and did not wish to see me retire when the country was in need of my service as a soldier. He always had a word of encouragement for me," the Defence Secretary said.