Tuesday, June 5, 2007



No self-respecting person, let alone a nation will tolerate insulting language. That is one of the reasons why insulting language is never used among nations. Another is that no nation would want to have any dealings with another that uses such language resulting in the isolation of such a country but when Mr. Narayanan, the Indian National Security Advisor says “We are a big power in the region. We don’t want the Sri Lankan government to go to Pakistan or China for weapons. Whatever may be their requirements they should come to us” his small mind openly displays his arrogance in the belief India is a big power, that India could crush us and our opinion does not matter.

When IPKF landed here Prabhakaran proved to you how big your power is so much so that India had to commandeer all internal domestic flight planes to bring home the dead and the wounded. At that time we had only a ceremonial sword. Thanks to Prabhakaran we now have a battle hardened patriotic army more than capable of handling any Indian invader. Why won’t Mr. Narayanan try another IPKF? If he tries again not only will we give the Indian troops a red carpet treatment but also China and Pakistan together will simultaneously redraw their boundaries with India.

Who are you Mr. Narayanan to tell us from whom to buy our military hardware? As if to add insult to injury you said that you will not supply us offensive weapons. We buy our needs in the open market. We have acquired Mig 29 jets the very latest offensive weapons from Russia and we have the well proven Kfir offensive jets from Israel. I am sure that we already have most of our needs supplied to us by China and Pakistan and we will continue to get them from Pakistan and China because we do not trust India. As far as your radars are concerned we do not want them because they have proved to be inferior to what we can get from elsewhere.