Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Nation pays highest tribute to War Heroes

- President
President Mahinda Rajapakse lays a wreath of flowers at the war hero's memorial during the National War Heroes Day ceremony in Kandy
President Mahinda Rajapaksa paid the nation’s highest tribute to the gallant ‘War Heroes’ who sacrificed their lives and limbs in battle to defeat terrorism and protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their motherland.

Presiding at a colourful ceremony dedicated to commemorate and salute the ‘War Heroes’ at Mailapitiya, Kandy yesterday, President Rajapaksa said that those brave soldiers sacrificed their dear lives and limbs to bring peace to their motherland and enabled one and all, regardless of race and creed, to live in harmony sans fear and suspicion.
“We could be proud of them. Albeit we dedicate this day in remembrance of these dead and disabled soldiers, a day or even a month is by no means sufficient for the nation to fully express their gratitude and sentiments in return for their heroism,” he said.

The President asserted that all those who sacrificed their lives for their Motherland, will never ever die but remain dear and near in our hearts and minds for evermore. The Government will always be bound to provide them and their families, all their requirements.
In fulfilment of these requirements, the Government has already inaugurated special housing schemes, loans at easy and concessionary terms, self-employment projects and entitlement of full pensions after 55 years or after 22 years of service completion.
Setting-up of special schools for the offspring of service personnel, already under way in Colombo, with plans of extending to other regions as well. “We do all this not for any political leverage but to show to them, our heart-felt gratitude from the depth of our hearts” the President reiterated.
“We will always provide them the will and courage to fight terrorism in all its forms, so that the innocent civilians in the North and East would enjoy a better life and live sans fear and suspicion,” he said.

He added that he will never be prepared to betray his country or enter into any fraudulent agreements with anybody, as he believed and loved his motherland dearly.
Ministers, Parliamentarians the three Service Chiefs and the IGP among others, participated at the ceremony in which a large gathering was present, Religious dignitaries of the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and the Christian faiths invoked their blessings on the ‘War Heroes’. Floral Tributes were also placed at the ‘Commemorative statue’ by the President.

The President further said that today the ‘War Heroes’ were not only fighting a war and sacrificing their lives to combat terrorism, but playing a multi-faceted role of providing humanitarian assistance as well, such as feeding the hungry and quenching the thirst of victims battered by war, midwifery, tending to the sick and wounded, provision of medical assistance and seeking to the welfare needs of the refugees and the Internally Displaced Persons, men, women and children.