Thursday, May 10, 2007

British High Commissioner keeps indoors


A group of JVP Parliamentarian went to the British High Commission office to hand over a petition, put the High Commissioner has not come out to accept it. This petition was intended to protest against the debate in British parliament on the National Question in Sri Lanka and the appointment of committee for involvement in internal affairs in Sri Lanka.

A large crowd of JVP members with their parliamentarians marched to the British High Commission in procession but the police stopped them out side the High commission office. Thereafter JVP propaganda secretary, MP Wimal Weerawanse, parliamentarians Anura Dissanayake, Vijitha Herath, Sunil Handunnetti went in to hand over the petition.

The security guard did not allow them to go into the office and he requested them to give the petition to him. The MP’s refused to give it to him. Then the security guard went in to the office and come out to say that the High commissioner was not there and the acting officer refused to meet the MP’s. Thereafter the MP’s hung the petition they took on the door and went on protesting.

Speaking to the media after the protest, JVP propaganda secretary Mr. Wimal Weerawanse said that they refuse to meet MP’s duly elected by the people of Sri Lanka, but they go to meet Tigers with their back cringed before them. That shows the double standard adopted by them. He emphasized that Sri Lanka is no more a British colony and is a quoted below is the letter the JVP was to hand over to the British High Commissioner.